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The Not Forgotten in Lockdown

As our name suggests, The Not Forgotten’s raison d’être is to prevent our veterans of all ages from feeling isolated, lonely or forgotten – something we combat through our varied programme of events. With many of our events postponed until later in the year, we’re conscious that many of our beneficiaries are missing the opportunity to speak with like-minded people at one of our tea parties, day outings or holidays.

When the country went into lockdown on 23 March, and we started to work remotely, The Not Forgotten not only set about organising our virtual concerts, but we also started calling our beneficiaries, to make sure that they are coping with the restrictions and to offer a friendly voice on the end of the phone. Initially focusing on our more senior veterans, who are most likely to be staying indoors, The Not Forgotten team has so far spoken to over 350 beneficiaries across the UK.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received following these calls has proved how vital social interaction can be, especially in times as uncertain as these. So if you, or anyone you know, is feeling isolated or lonely and would like to chat to a member of The Not Forgotten team, then all you have to do is get in touch by emailing us on one of the addresses below or through our social media pages:


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The Not Forgotten is still here to help, as our many of our brilliant partner organisations, so don’t feel shy to ask for help in these turbulent times.