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Feedback & Complaints

The Not Forgotten aims to provide the highest standard of care to our beneficiaries.

We take all feedback, whether it’s a thank you letter or a suggestion on how we could improve, very seriously and are always interested to hear your views and comments. If you have any comments, words of thanks or recommendations as to how we can do things better, you can let us know by calling 020 7730 2400 and speaking to a member of our management team.

The Not Forgotten Complaints Policy

Although we try our hardest to get things right, sometimes we can miss the mark and we would like to hear from you directly if you feel this is the case. If you have any cause for concern about any aspects of our service, do please let us know.  We will take your feedback seriously and investigate the matter promptly, keeping you informed. Your correspondence will be dealt with in complete confidence.

For a concern, you are encouraged to speak to one of our Senior Management Team who will try and deal with the matter straight away.  You may also write to the Chief Executive at the address below. 


Should you wish to make a complaint do contact us immediately.  In the first instance please call the office on the number above to speak to the Chief Executive.  If this does not resolve the matter then you are asked to submit a formal complaint in writing to:

Chief Executive
The Not Forgotten
1st Floor, 14 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0QP

We cannot accept complaints from a third party, the complainant must submit the complaint themselves.

Within one week of receiving you’re a complaint you will receive a confirmation from us.

Within a further 14 days, an investigation will have commenced and been completed with regard to your issues raised.  Written confirmation of the outcome will be forwarded by the end of the third week from receiving your original complaint.

Where this is not practicable, i.e. due to the nature of your concern, a letter will be forwarded to confirm the investigation is underway and to explain the reasons for any delay over and above the agreed timescale.

During the investigation it may be necessary to contact you in order to obtain further details.

As part of the appeal process, a Manager will make direct contact with yourself, with a view to resolving this matter amicably to both parties.

If you are not satisfied with the result of the investigation, our Chief Executive will be pleased to meet with you to discuss this further.

Action will only be taken or undertaken by either party to this agreement through the civil courts where there is a total contractual breakdown between the parties to the agreement.