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Our Values

Whilst the aims of The Not Forgotten have remained much the same throughout its history, it has adapted to meet the changing needs of the serving wounded and veterans with disabilities.

Despite the loss of our records in an air raid in 1941, we can be reasonably confident that about one million men and women have benefitted from our activities since 1920. Whilst the need for our work remains, The Not Forgotten will continue to ensure that those who have proudly served their country, and are suffering as a result, will not be forgotten.

Our Objective

To act generally for the benefit of service and ex-service personnel with disabilities or who are wounded, including the organisation or provision of items or facilities for leisure and recreational activities, travel, holidays and outings.

Our Mission

To deliver high quality and safe recreational and entertainment activities to meet the needs of our beneficiaries, and to provide a caring and personal service which is fully linked in with other recovery pathways and which is underpinned by an ethos where everyone counts and is valued.

Our Vision

To be the trusted partner of choice for providing entertainment and recreation opportunities for both beneficiaries and other service charities. To position ourselves to help more individuals who we are not yet reaching. To meet the high demand for activities and events, well supported by volunteers and with a strong financial base.

Our Values

We seek to achieve this in everything we do

Our beneficiaries are at the heart of everything we do, we know them and they know us

We listen to, respect and understand our beneficiaries and their needs

Veterans supporting veterans; bringing different generations, campaigns and services together

We work with our beneficiaries and other military charities to meet the individual’s needs.

Our Aims

  • To support every eligible beneficiary who approaches us, irrespective of service, age, rank or injury/illness.
  • Continue to support individuals whose needs are ongoing.
  • To work with the beneficiary to complement their individual recovery pathway.
  • To work with other Service Charities to meet the needs of our mutual beneficiaries.