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What We Do

The Not Forgotten talks to everyone as a friend, regardless of rank or fortune, but most especially as an equal human being.

Through social activities and challenge holidays, The Not Forgotten combats isolation and loneliness amongst the Armed Forces community.

We support any serving man or woman who is wounded, injured or sick and any veteran with a disability, illness or infirmity; whatever the cause and whenever it arose. Any serving or former member of The Royal Navy, The Royal Marines, The British Army, The Royal Air Force and The Merchant Navy, both Regular and Reserve Forces, may be eligible for our help.

​Our motto ‘From Comradeship To Challenge’ illustrates the variety and breadth of the support we offer. Some of our activities provide a physical challenge and the opportunity to develop self-confidence, others are of a more social nature aimed at fostering camaraderie and friendship; many offer both challenge and comradeship. Each of our events and activities is intended to restore confidence, enhance wellbeing, boost morale and improve the chances of the serviceman or woman and their family enjoying a normal, if not better, life.

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