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The Not Forgotten Centenary Watch

As many of you know, The Not Forgotten will turn 100 in 2020 and we’ve got some big plans in the pipeline. One thing we are particularly excited about is our partnership with Elliot Brown – watchmakers to some of the world’s most elite military units and security services.

We are delighted that Elliot Brown have designed a bespoke and limited edition watch for The Not Forgotten in honour of our centenary and you could own one. 

Although they’ve never advertised their Special Projects and only undertake commissions via recommendation, Elliot Brown produce several Special Projects a year, typically for the military and the Security Services.

Their Special Projects enable them to donate significant sums to charities every year, with recent beneficiaries including the Submarine Service, Royal Navy and Royal Marines charities, Air Ambulances, and Navy Wings.

Where can I buy one?

If you would like to purchase a watch, please contact Elliot Brown directly by emailing info@elliotbrownwatches.com or calling 01202 338 600.