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The Korean War – 70 years on

25 June 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of The Korean War, in which 110,000 allied troops from the UK, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand fought for three arduous years from 1950-1953. The war never officially ended because no peace treaty was signed. As the conflict fell between WWII and rising Cold War tensions, it is often thought of as a ‘forgotten war’, but it – and especially the veterans who experienced it – should never be forgotten.

One such veteran is Not Forgotten supporter Bill Parr. Bill was called up for his National Service aged 18 and joined the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, serving with the 1st Battalion in Tripoli and Egypt. He then volunteered to join the Black Watch and travelled to Korea in 1952, where he was wounded in the back, neck and on the top of his head whilst defending The Hook. Bill is incredibly humble about his experience and has supported The Not Forgotten and the Taxi Charity for many, many years – we couldn’t be more honoured or grateful!

Bill Parr, Korean War veteran

If you’d like to learn more about The Korean War, head to the Royal British Legion’s website or the British Army’s website for explanations of the conflict, some facts and figures, and some personal stories of those who served.