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The Christmas Reception

That was one hell of a party – 280 guests, representing 25 charities and organisations, 44 service helpers, 30 performers and entertainers, our Patron and Sir Tim all coming perfectly together in the State Apartments to celebrate this very special time of year.  Below is a small selection of photographs, but the full album can be found in galleries.

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to share friendship, banter and some good old-fashioned fun.  The Not Forgotten Christmas Reception was all about having a good time; it was a very special occasion but it should also remind us of our absent friends and especially those who need a lift.
Friendship is all about trust, but before anyone trusts someone else they must first meet them, get to know them, understand them and only then trust follows and relationships grow.  As we enter our Centenary year, we are focused on Finding the Forgotten, wrapping our arms around those of our Armed Forces Family who have fallen through the cracks of support.  So join us on this journey to developing trust by helping us to meet those who need to break the cycle of isolation and loneliness.  Together we can, and in doing so we restore their dignity and independence, and make our community stronger. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – 2020 is a very special year and we look forward to sharing it with as many new beneficiaries as possible.