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Skiing Week Two

Another fantastic week of skiing went underway in the Rocky Mountains from 1 – 10 March, as a further 11 beneficiaries tried their hands at a variety of snow-sports. It was a chilly week, with snow-storms and temperatures way below freezing, but that didn’t dampened anyone’s spirits.

Smiles can tell a thousand words – and there are plenty of those flying around! – but luckily, we’ve also got some written feedback from our skiiers, which illustrate how important a break away, a challenge and time amongst friends really is. Here are just some of the comments we have received:

“The trip came at just the right time and I am returning home in a much better place than when I came here.”

“I have felt relaxed and positive for the first time in months.”

“This trip has been not only life changing but physically and mind changing. I have personally achieved much more than I ever thought possible. This trip has certainly made an impact on my life. I leave here feeling much more relaxed and in a happier place.”

“To be given the opportunity to take part in an extreme sport such as skiing or snowboarding helps to prove to ourselves that we are still just as capable as anyone else.  It is a sensation often unobtainable in our everyday lives.  Being able to witness a group push themselves physically and mentally fills me with pride and a certain nostalgia for what we have achieved in our past, continue to achieve now and hope to achieve in the future.”

We could not have achieved such an impact without the support of The Royal Marines Charity and the fantastic ski instructors and volunteers of the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Centre (BOEC). To them, we offer our sincere thanks.