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Saving the nation’s hair

In 2017, the partners of some of our Armed Forces’ family wanted to thank us for the support we had given their other halves. They founded a group called The Not Forgotten Rockettes, as they were the rock upon which their partners leant during tricky times, and undertook some gruelling fundraising tasks.

Although our focus currently lies in supporting the NHS and those who are on today’s front line in the battle against COVID-19, once we can go out and about again many of us will be wanting to get rid of the scary hairdos that lockdown has created. We are therefore calling all Not Forgotten Rockettes (and those who would like to be one) to help save the nation’s hair!

We’re asking the Not Forgotten Rockettes to contact their local hairdresser, virtually of course, asking if they will support our Centenary Challenge by requesting their customers to donate £1, or more, in support of the challenge. Every Not Forgotten Rockette who raises £100 or more in this way will be given one of our special Centenary Challenge badges. The salon will also receive a special Centenary Challenge certificate, acknowledging their service in support of the Nation’s hair.

For more info, just contact Sonia by emailing:


Nominated by our very own Rockette, Rosie Thompson, Stephen and Daniel, of Lustig and Webb, are leading the charge in our quest to pick up the pieces of the nation’s broken hair dreams. They will be asking their clients to donate £1 or more to their Not Forgotten Centenary Challenge Rescue Package. They are hoping to earn the accolade of being our Centenary Challenge Super Hair Hero Salon of the year in the process, and encourage other hair salons in Brighton to take part in the challenge. Bring it on!

Stephen and Daniel