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Jingle Bell Rock Highlights

We’ve had an outstanding time producing drive-in concerts at 11 venues across the country.

Over 1,000 veterans were able to enjoy a Christmas-themed performance with fun-packed games, and a festive lunch.

We got to see some sensational fancy dress along the way; and one of our favourites has to be ‘Mother Christmas’, Kathleen! Thank you to Forces News for capturing this great moment:

Speaking of news coverage, we are grateful for an array of regional and national coverage throughout our concerts, which helped to raise awareness of our work, and spread some good news.

This report from Will Walters captured the spirit of the day nicely!

Most importantly, we were overwhelmed by the amazing feedback from our veterans!

The drive-in style of our concerts was a completely new take on our classic performances, which was designed to make sure that people could socially distance, while enjoying festivities from the comfort of their cars.

We couldn’t be happier with the response. Below are a few reactions from social media: