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Armed Forces Covenant Grant

Thank you to The Armed Forces Covenant Fund, which has generously awarded The Not Forgotten a grant of £75,000. This will go directly towards supporting our sporting events and recreational activities over the next two years.

Our activity and respite holidays are designed to combat isolation and loneliness by bringing like-minded people together. Peer-to-peer support is vital and what many of our beneficiaries need, so bringing together service personnel and veterans of all ages and experiences is therefore at the heart of everything we do.

The ability to mix with like-minded people in an environment where the beneficiaries can share stories and enjoy the banter once more is a very powerful tonic. Reducing isolation can give a much needed boost to their confidence and help to alleviate negative and dispirited thoughts that they may be experiencing or have experienced.

The Not Forgotten is therefore extremely grateful for the support of the Armed Forces Covenant Fund, which will allow us to support more beneficiaries and improve the chances of these individuals living a normal, if not better, life.