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Veterans Serve Up a Treat At Wimbledon

We are in the extremely fortunate position to be invited to Wimbledon each year, and it is one of our favourite sporting events to attend. Taking a group of veterans for each day of the competition provides the perfect mix of relaxation, sport and of course the occasional ‘oohing and aahing’ !

For beneficiaries, Wimbledon is a chance to enjoy a day of tennis with other veterans and a spot of afternoon tea provides further opportunities to talk. For one veteran, Heather, the experience was so much more than just tennis, it was a childhood dream that came true.

I have dreamed all my life about sitting on Centre Court watching a match and breathing in the atmosphere. My first memories are watching every point of Ann Jones winning on a black and white tiny TV. I still have my Ann Jones tennis racket. I loved every moment of my experience at Wimbledon, and it was that, an experience. I could never have afforded to be there, in those seats and I feel so grateful. Even when the last match had finished, we wandered around in the dark, still drinking in the atmosphere, relishing what will probably be the only time I will ever get a chance for the Wimbledon experience. I am so grateful.

The atmosphere truly is something to be soaked up, and we are so grateful to able to offer this experience to many veterans. The memories of such an incredible day will last a lifetime. The impact of such events is evident to us, not only do our beneficiaries get to enjoy the lavish side of sitting in Centre Court, but they also get a chance to talk to, and relate with, other veterans – camaraderie, friendships and a mutual understanding blossoms.