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The Not Forgotten receives £20,000 RNRMC Greenwich Hospital Grant

We are thrilled to announce the award of a £20,000 grant to The Not Forgotten by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) in partnership with Greenwich Hospital

These funds – the RNRMC Greenwich Hospital Grant – have been granted to us to support our work in providing entertainment events and activities to injured serving personnel and injured veterans of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines.

We are incredibly grateful to the RNRMC and Greenwich Hospital for this funding, which is vital to continuing support for our deserving and vulnerable beneficiaries.

The RNRMC exists to support every sailor, marine, and their families, for life. They seek to ensure those who have served in recent conflicts can benefit from the opportunities and support afforded by comradeship to help improve wellbeing, resilience, and good mental health when and where needed. 

This seems a perfect fit for our ethos and aims, and we are delighted that the RNRMC, by partnering with Greenwich Hospital, can provide grants to organisations like The Not Forgotten to help military personnel and their families throughout their lives.