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How Max Has Held Car Shows in Aid of The Not Forgotten Since He Was 10!

Max has done an incredible job growing his Classic Car Show from a small family event to a community gathering in Lichfield.

When he was just 10 years old, Max took over from his granddad – who fundraised for The Not Forgotten for many years – and started inviting his aunties, uncles and close friends to admire his grandad’s collection of 7 classic automobiles in his garage, all in aid of our work for The Armed Forces Community.

On 12th September, Max holds his 7th show, and is looking to build on the fantastic collection of ‘well over’ 100 cars that were present last year at Lupin Farm.

Max said: “Every year it gets bigger and bigger! Last year in particular, we had a really nice range of cars, so I was keen to get everyone back.

“When I speak to people, they say they’re always looking forward to it so that’s really motivated us to keep it going.”

As it’s grown, The Classic Car Show has stayed very much a family event, and Max’s relatives, neighbours, and close friends help to set it up every year. The event venue of Lupin Farm is also owned by Edwin – a friend of Max’s grandad.

Donations are collected on entry at the gate, where guests can find Max, and his team of stewards as well as gazebos, cakes, biscuits, a raffle – including prizes donated by a local Boots, Wilko and Starbucks – games and more.

Max added: “It’s a great chance for me to meet people, and for my family to get together. The guests really enjoy it and get something out of it by seeing the cars, and The Not Forgotten gets donations in the process. It’s a big win for everyone really.

“I’m grateful to everyone who helps out with the event. Especially Lupin Farm as we wouldn’t be able to put it together without them.”

If you would like to attend the Classic Car show, it’s taking place from 11am – 3pm, DE13 7DY.