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I can safely say it was the most physical and mental challenge of my life and most definitely changed me for the better. It felt so good to be amongst like-minded people again.

Activity Holidays

We organise an annual programme of activity holidays such as skiing, white-water canoeing, rafting, trekking, sailing and the more gentle activity of carp fishing. These trips encourage socialisation and help our beneficiaries to overcome their fears and doubts about their capabilities. There is almost always an immediate improvement in their outlook and confidence as they realise that they can participate in challenging activities, despite their injury or illness.

Taking on such physical and mental challenges renews enthusiasm and encourages our beneficiaries in other aspects of their lives, including personal and family relationships. 

Respite Holidays and Leisure Breaks

Our leisure breaks are designed to cater for a wide range of age groups. They include battlefield tours in Europe, an overnight stay and track day experience at Brands Hatch, country activity weekends in Buckinghamshire and Scotland, visiting the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park and short breaks at the Union Jack Club in London before and after our Royal Parties.

Varying from two to seven days, all these breaks provide much-needed fun, relaxation and the opportunity to make new friends. We will also include partners or carers when we believe this will be beneficial. Guests share their experiences of service, injury and rehabilitation, experiencing the comradeship and banter they once knew.

​For the last few years we have taken groups of beneficiaries, often with their partners, on respite holidays to a charming private farmhouse in Majorca. Our guests are able to relax, forget about their injuries for a few days and enjoy activities such as go-karting, horse riding, kayaking, painting and walking. These breaks offer respite from the routine of rehabilitation for both the injured service man or woman and their partner; problems and experiences are shared, lasting friendships are made and feelings of isolation reduced.

Holiday Grants

​The Not Forgotten can provide financial assistance for individual holidays in the UK. These may be respite or convalescent breaks and some of those we help may not have had a holiday for many years due to disability, advancing years or isolation.

​We also welcome grant applications from service associations and veteran organisations for activities such as service and regimental reunions.


Any eligible beneficiary can attend one of our holidays, although for some of our adventure holidays, like skiing or high-altitude hiking, there may be extra fitness criteria. Contact the office to find out more.
The majority of our holidays are designed for you to attend on your own, but some of our breaks – including our rest and relaxation stay in Majorca – allow a partner or carer to join you. Contact the Events Team to find out more.
We will pay for everything including flights, accommodation, food, kit hire, instructors and all the boring legal stuff like insurance.

However, we do ask that you get yourselves to and from the airport or venue (if in the UK) and recommend that you bring some spending money for souvenirs etc.
The Not Forgotten is not a one-stop-shop and we will therefore continue to support anyone in need, for as long as they need, by including them in our events.

In order to do this fairly and ensure that we help as many people as possible, it is unlikely that we will invite you to attend the same event more than once. However, with over 20 holidays organised each year we’ve got a wide range of support to offer.