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D-Day veteran meets ‘voice of an angel’ at care home concert

Residents of Pembroke Haven care home in Pembroke Dock enjoyed an uplifting summertime special sing-along on Monday, August 16.

The socially distanced concert for residents and staff was offered by Not Forgotten’s professional entertainment team, who brought music, song, dance and a real party atmosphere.

Residents clapped their hands, tapped their feet and sang along with smiles on their faces as new memories were created listening to familiar feel-good favourites from the 60s and 70s.

It was a particularly memorable day for 98-year-old Pembroke Haven resident and D-Day veteran, Gordon Prime, who met Annie Riley, Armed Forces entertainer and lead vocalist with The Not Forgotten’s entertainment team for the first time.

98-year-old Gordon met Not Forgotten performers, including Annie Riley (second from right)

Annie was contacted some months ago, by the Normandy Veterans Association to let her know that Gordon was feeling sad and depressed during lockdown.

Annie reached out via her social media network to highlight Gordon’s story which resulted in 100s of well-wishers making contact with him and sending cards, books, letters and messages of support to lift his spirits.

Gordon has been overwhelmed with the response and was thrilled to meet his ‘Voice of An Angel’.

He added: ” On behalf of myself, the residents and staff, thanks so much for the fantastic show today. A big thank you. You do a great job. Keep up the good work”

A representative from Pembroke Haven Care Home said: “All the residents came together to watch the concert and had an amazing day! It was fantastic to have The Not Forgotten performing for us – particularly as this is the first outside entertainment we have had for almost two years. A great day was had by all.”