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Armed Forces veterans go with the flow, canoeing and gorge walking in Devon!

12 veterans joined us for an exciting two-day respite and activity break in Devon to boost their spirits and confidence, and to give them an opportunity to socialise with fellow service personnel in a relaxed environment.

The group visited Dewerstone Gorge for a morning of Gorge Walking with the South Devon-based outdoor activity experts at Adelong Outdoor Education.

During the high-octane event they enjoyed a host of adventurous activities including navigating their way up a river, scrambling, swimming, sliding on natural water chutes and climbing waterfalls before plunging into deep pools at one of Devon’s most beautiful rivers.

The veterans then headed over to the Harford Bunkhouse in Ivybridge for a session of bushcraft, including making fires before putting their culinary skills to the test cooking delicious pizzas on open fires.

The following day, the group visited the Dart Estuary to test out their paddling skills during a peaceful and relaxing day’s open canoeing.

One of the veterans commented: “This is one of the most amazing few days I’ve been involved in with a great mix of positive people from all backgrounds, whom have all experienced similar life challenges. Working well together as a team over the two days was a great experience which I will always remember, and I am grateful to The Not Forgotten for making this possible!”

Rosie Thompson, Head of Events, The Not Forgotten tells us: “Being in the great outdoors and so close to nature, was just what the veterans needed after spending such a long time being couped up over recent months and they all came away feeling refreshed, revitalised, relaxed and more confident.

Many of the veterans are suffering from PTSD and mental health issues and the two-day recreational activity event provided an opportunity for them to have some fun and respite, regain some balance and share their experiences in the company of like-minded individuals.”