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Armed Forces Business Owners Take On Three Peaks in 24 Hours to Support Injured Veterans

Military wife Carrie Moss, her family, and fellow business owners from the Armed Forces community are looking to complete the Three Peaks Challenge in 24 hours to support The Not Forgotten.

Carrie, her husband and serviceman, Lee, her daughter Lucy-Jo, and Lisa, Jess, Sam, Lucy, Marc, and Stu start their adventure at Ben Nevis on 19th July, and will go on to climb Scafell Pike and Snowdon for a total ascent of over 3,000m within one day.

Military Matchmaker founder Carrie, who confesses that she hates hills, has taken on the feat to raise awareness of the dangers of loneliness and isolation, as well as the importance of supporting veteran-owned businesses.

Carrie will be joined by her husband Lee, daughter Lucy-Jo and fellow Armed Forces business owners for the challenge

Fittingly, another veteran-owned business, Monkey Mountaineering will aid the team through their challenge and ensure they’re kept safe.

Carrie said: “I’ve never climbed one mountain before, let alone three so this will be a massive ask! The main worry I have at the moment is stopping while we drive between each mountain. Once you stiffen up, it can be an absolute nightmare to get going again!

“Thankfully, the group we have is really supportive and is a really good mix of different personalities. We all came in contact through the Veteran Owned UK group, but most of us have never met in person.

“We’ll be meeting for the first time on the day, so hopefully, getting to know each other and sharing a bit of banter will help to make the challenge feel a bit easier.”

The ‘Another Bad Idea’ team will be meeting each other in person for the first time on the day of the trip!

Carrie said that the team decided to support The Not Forgotten because the charity brings together their shared passion for supporting the Armed Forces community, and tackling isolation.

She added: “Combating loneliness for me is huge. Having a loving family around was so important for my grandad when he was going through end of life care, and it not only helped his wellbeing, it extended his life.

“My husband will be a veteran soon, and we all know that when you leave the military it can be really lonely. We want to make sure that veterans are able to get support to help them adjust and not feel like they have to be left alone.

“We also want to let people know that smaller veteran-owned businesses are fighting through the pandemic. At times it can feel like you’re all alone when your business is going through a difficult period, but we have all been able to talk to each other and help each other to keep moving forward.”

The team will be documenting the event on their Facebook page, Another Bad Idea, Bringing Up the Rear, and have even arranged for a drone to catch some great footage of their hike.

We would like to wish Carrie and the team the very best of luck with their challenge, and can’t wait to see the drone footage.

If you would like to donate to the Three Peaks Challenge fundraiser, you can do so here.

You can follow the challenge participants and support their Armed Forces businesses here:

Sam, Lucy, Carrie, Lisa, Jess, Stu

The following businesses have kindly offered to sponsor the event:

On The Line Digital, Forest Gate, Landmarc, Synergy, Tin Trousers, Cotton Ridge, Explorer Coffee, Stootz Printing, Joint Force Alba, Military Protect, Veteran Owned UK, Gillian Jones Designs, The Family Network UK, Eco Gift Wrapping, Jock Boyle