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102 Years of The Not Forgotten

Today is an incredibly special day for us, as we celebrate our 102nd birthday!

Marta Cunningham CBE, founded The Not Forgotten on this day in 1920, after she had started visiting sick, wounded and injured personnel in hospitals across the country in 1919. Our little charity started in true British tradition with cups of tea, entertainment and conversation to help those who felt they had been forgotten after years of Service.

Upon founding The Not Forgotten, Marta infamously said “Could these wasted, listless men be the once adored youngsters, who, but a few years, nay months ago, went so dashingly, with a swing and a song to the Nation’s rescue. Alas and this was their reward, suffering, silence and loneliness.”

102 years later, we show no signs of stopping, having helped over a million Serving and ex-Service men and women when they need to be reminded that they are not forgotten.

With such a long history behind us, we look to the future, and what it means for us. We are more determined than ever to help those who need us, to support those who need supporting and provide every opportunity possible for camaraderie to blossom at our events. We say it all the time, but there is nobody who understands a veteran the way a fellow veteran understands a veteran, and more often than not, you will find a few of us standing back and watching the magic unfold at our events. It truly is something so special that will never be able to be truly described.

With The Princess Royal as our patron, a strong yet small team of dedicated staff, a new chief executive incoming and a group of the most incredible volunteers, we can’t wait to see where the next 102 years take us.

Thank you from all of us to all of you for the constant support, love and for welcoming us into your lives for so long.