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Respite Break – Majorca

The idealic Majorca in Spain is the perfect setting for veterans and their spouses to enjoy some time away to partake in some wonderful activities in a villa that is kindly given to us each year by Shiela Peczenik .


This will be a very special trip away as we return to the Majorca after some pandemic-related time away, and we are looking forward to having you with us. One of our beneficiaries who has previously attended the Majorca respite break had this to say about her experience:


“Before meeting The Not Forgotten, I was angry over the loss of my sight. I felt that I was locked in a dark room I couldn’t get out of and suddenly felt scared not knowing what to do. However, on TNF’s trip to Majorca, I met many other veterans and chatting with them allowed me to ‘open the door’ on my anger and move forwards. Although it felt alien, I found myself asking those around me for assistance and it was enlightening. Since the trip, my family, friends and work colleagues have noticed a marked change for the good in my outlook on life and my acceptance of my sight loss. This change is all down to The Not Forgotten and the support of the veterans I met in Majorca. The trip was not only life changing but also life affirming as it gave me a very precious gift; the gift of space to allow me to come to terms with my sight loss.”

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