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A short note from Richard, our CEO

Having now spent a whole incredible year with The Not Forgotten I felt the time was ripe for a short update ‘from the bridge’….

Whilst front-of-house business continues largely as usual with Rosie adeptly juggling our busy events programme, ably supported by Anne and the office team, behind the scenes there have been some significant changes to improve how we run the charity and this has been a real team effort in order to move with the times.

It probably won’t have been visible to most, but how we manage our finances, data, information, relationships and income generation have all changed to improve what we deliver and how efficiently it is delivered.

There have been some staff changes to facilitate this, with most recently Mary Spillane and Steve Bates joining us as key players in this enabling and improvement work. Many of you will have met them at our events already, as the whole team aims to get out ‘on the ground’ more often: the old adage of ‘don’t be a stranger’ is so important in any people-based organisation.

Why do I share all this? Well because we are a small charity with a big heart and a loyal following. This inside ‘behind the scenes’ perspective will be important to many of you, and the sentiment itself of my sharing this with you is important in its own right.

Richard Walker OBE
Chief Executive
The Not Forgotten