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A Smile a Mile…

Sponsor a Mile with your Smile!


Help The Not Forgotten fundraisers reach their goals, set your own fundraising challenges, and help us put smiles back on the faces of injured veterans and their families.


The Not Forgotten are launching a new fundraising campaign for 2023 – and we need your help.

Every month we have inspirational people setting out on challenges raising money for The Not Forgotten. They all need help with donations to reach their fundraising targets, but just as importantly they need moral support to boost their endeavours.

We want you to help them – with your smile!

Go to your chosen supporter’s fundraising page to give what you can, then take a photo of yourself with a big smiley face (see our examples below!) share it with us on social media or email it to us, and start spreading the smiles! Don’t forget to share who you have sponsored and what their challenge is so that we can make sure they see your smile when they need encouragement.

Share on Facebook tagging @TheNotForgotten, on Instagram tagging @the.not.forgotten or on Twitter tagging @thenotforgotten – and use the hashtag #SmileAMile. Or alternatively email it to smileamile@thenotforgotten.org and we will share it for you.

To kick things off, we’re asking for support for The Not Forgotten team tackling the epic Marathon des Sables in April. This 7-day 250km ultramarathon (roughly the distance of 6 regular marathons) across the Sahara Desert is one of the toughest endurance races on earth. A team of four TNF veterans are taking part this year – read more about their challenge and sponsor one of their Miles with your Smile HERE.

But the smiles don’t stop there!

All year we’re challenging you to set your own ‘Smile a Mile’ goals. You might be running a marathon or climbing mountains. But equally you might set yourself the target of a mile around your garden, get your kids to cycle a mile with their school, or aim to achieve 10 miles in a month while walking the dog. You could set your challenge individually, as a team, or competing against your family and friends.

Whatever your Smile a Mile goal, let us know what you’re planning and we’ll help promote your endeavour and get other people’s smiles for your miles. 

Everyone who completes a sponsored challenge will receive a Smile a Mile badge and certificate, and we’ll keep you updated all year as to the total amount being raised.


Here’s a few shareable smiley faces we did earlier 🙂