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General Knowledge – Crossword

All of the answers this week are related to our recent Live Virtual Quiz. Please stay tuned on our social media platforms for the next live quiz!

Click the first letter of the sequence to begin typing – you might need to use the arrows on your keyboard to type in different squares.

Once you have completed a word, if the answer is correct, the word will turn green. Get it wrong, and it turns red.

The questions with an ellipsis (…) indicate a fill-in-the-blanks question.

Once you’ve finished the crossword, you’ll get a congratulatory message at the end!

1. A deficiency of Vitamin D in the diet can lead to which medical condition? {7}
2. The last James Bond movie to star Pierce Brosnan in the title role? '... Another Day' {3}
3. As the crow flies, the closest capital city to London. {8}
4. The planet in our solar system which is closest to the sun. {7
5. The capital city of Canada. {6}
6. The stage name of Alicia Beth Moore. {4}
7. What does 'M' stand for in MOT? {8}
8. The minimum number of years champagne has to age to be called vintage. {5}
9. The name of Napoleon Bonaparte's horse. {7}