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Most emotive songs for the military – Crossword

All of the answers this week are related to the Top 10 ‘Most Emotive Songs’ for the UK Armed Forces as listed by BFBS.

Click the first letter of the sequence to begin typing – if you get the answer right, the word will turn green. Get it wrong, and it turns red.

Where two different words start in the same square, you might need to start typing on the second or third square to make sure you type in the correct direction.

The questions with an ellipsis (…) indicate a fill-in-the-blanks question.

Once you’ve finished the crossword, you’ll get a congratulatory message at the end!

1. Rod Stewart hit in 1975, also sung by The Sutherland Brothers {7}
2. The singer of the hit single 'Bat out of Hell' and album of the same name in 1977 {4,4}
3. British rock band and singers of 'Brothers in Arms' in 1985 {4,7}
4. In which state was the 'Hotel' that The Eagles sang about in 1977 {10}
5. Finish this Moody Blues track 'Nights in White ...' {5}
6. The singer of 'Boys are Back in Town' is named 'Thin ...' {5}
7. This band was headed by Freddie Mercury {5}
8. The singers of 'Come On Eileen' are named 'Dexys ... Runners' {8}
9. Another version of 'Sailing' was sung by 'HMS ... ...' {3,5}
10. What was John Denver 'Leaving on' in 1966? {3,5}