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Easter Crossword!

All of the questions this week are based on fun Easter-themed facts and trivia.

Click the first letter of the sequence to begin typing – you might need to use the arrows on your keyboard to type in different squares.

Once you have completed a word, if the answer is correct, the word will turn green. Get it wrong, and it turns red.

The questions with an ellipsis (…) indicate a fill-in-the-blanks question.

Once you’ve finished the crossword, you’ll get a congratulatory message at the end!

1. The number of balls of marzipan on a traditional simnel cake {6}
2. The country of origin of the Easter Bunny {7}
3. The name of the meat traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday {4}
4. The name of the South American country that owns Easter Island {5
5. The flower traditionally exchanged on Easter Day is the 'Easter ...' {4}
6. Which Scottish football club, named after the Roman name for Ireland, plays at Easter Road? {9}
7. The name of the dried fruit in hot cross buns. {6}
8. The name of the traditional Easter dance is '... dancing' {6}
9. The colour of the jacket worn by Peter Rabbit {4}
10. The colour of the first Easter eggs {3}