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British war-themed comedies crossword

All of the answers this week are related to British war-themed comedy shows.

Click the first letter of the sequence to begin typing – if you get the answer right, the word will turn green. Get it wrong, and it turns red.

Where two different words start in the same square, you might need to start typing on the second or third square to make sure you type in the correct direction.

Once you’ve finished the crossword, you’ll get a congratulatory message at the end!

1. The preferred mode of transportation for Allo Allo's Officer Crabtree {7}
2. First name of the cabaret performer and wife of René in Allo Allo {5}
3. Last name of upperclass bank clerk and Sergeant from Dad's Army {6}
4. Last name of actor playing Private Frazer in Dad's Army. This name is shared with an actor in Blackadder {6}
5. Last name of René in Allo Allo. This name is also one half of a popular Belgian beer {6}
6. The first ever sitcom aired on ITV. Later inspired the spinoff show Bootsie and Snudge {3,4,4}
7. Blackadder Squadron Commander and selfprofessed womaniser who famously appeared for only one episode. Played by Rik Mayall. {10}
8. Last name of the actor who played the title character in Blackadder {8}
9. Name of the Blackadder character played by Stephen Fry. {8}
10. The name of the British militia that Dad's Army is centred on. {4,5}